all we need is love for a bit of good education

all the stuff on the radio, on telly, in the papers in the theatres at the movies . When I look again I keep on getting reminded that had we all started on the right foot the moment we popped out of that warm amniotic fluid bath of Mother’s womb we may not be where we are now. Shado has just been chatting to two women about rape and guns and bullets and shooting about victims and perpetrators. while listening I couldn’t stop thinking about the word respect and then thatb lead me to think about dignity, trust and all those good feeling words that we use in speeches including this blog but abuse when practising them.

My mother may have taught me about them, my father may have demonstrated them to me. My teachers may have tried to pulverise them into my skull my spirit my soul and heart. Surely if we practised them if we respected each other from day one if we upheld each others’ dignity and trusted the fellow standing next to us…hell I could go on but to what end? How do I show my children the way forward if I haven’t instilled respect dignity trust and love in their hearts first? Any suggestions would be welcomed…


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