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Here we are into the fourth month of the fourteenth year of the 21st century and I have only written two or three of these things called blobs; well called me a liar for a letter. My friend says once a week blogging is not a bad start so here goes.

There has been tremendous support for my single-hander; nearly called it a one-man show but then those of you who are slightly fixed on being politically correct might take offence. What the hell; it is a one-man show; I am a man and there is nobody else in it but me; so it can only be a one-man show. If a woman was in the show then it certainly wouldn’t be a one-man show it would be a one-woman show. But back to the point.

I have had lots of support lots of fine publicity thanks to Christine firstly; then Candice; then Celia; then all those at Kalk Bay Theatre, from Simon to Tracey even to Pinky who handles a broom deftly and sweeps up after the patrons have left.

The support has been such that the reviews have been excellent; reviews that could see the show taking off else where.  So I will stop here as I need to send a few emails to a few folk in Durbs…Cheers dear bog reader.




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