So someone shows your work to someone and you think oh hell they going to take my writing and sell as theirs…but when you think about it the idea wasn’t mine in the first place, I just took an idea from Bosman then another bit of advice from henry and some   from Brian and finally an idea which my brother told me about which he had borrowed from a friend of his down at the club and viola!

Here are so many people trying to write blog; everyone writes and writes and those closest to us read what we have written and they either get excited because you said something that makes them feel rejuvenated or they are really pissed because you have shared  something really private and should not have or was never intended for public consumption…and then you stop writing to take a break, you go have a sandwich, a cup of coffee. Afterwards you feel you need a work out so you go to the gym and weigh yourself and find that you are still where you were three weeks ago. So what, at least that’s better than putting on more and more flab You come home, pick up the remote and find the ads are more entertaining than the programme. All very mundane but you write about it and you place it on your blog and think okay there is going to be someone out there who is going to read it and comment and you are going to eventually find someone who enjoys what you are saying and you think you may have something and you may get that book out to the publishers who may just think there is something…

What the hell am I saying?


Don’t be daft…this is just a way of getting it out there…it just blog…that’s all.. BLOG  great sound that word BLOG reminds me of the way Rowan Atkinson says some word on his comedy shows…I forget which one; he sort of draws in his lips so that they don’t show and then blows the word out; something which I think we called a glottal stop at drama school. Anyway blog also sounds very close to bog which is an easy slip of the finger and this could all land in the bog instead of on my brlog I mean blog…b-l-o-g…

What I mean is that I think I am getting the hang of it all and that it doesn’t really matter whether anyone reads it; its just a way of clearing the air.. the only trouble is it needs to have some kind of structure; some kind of beginning, middle and end instead of just gushing out.

We do a lot of that don’t we?


The sun comes up and warms the day or the sun comes up behind some clouds, lights the day and we start ours by getting up, taking the children to school,  feeding the dog, cleaning the house answering some emails, the phone, and the door…the door you think…well in our neck of the woods at the bottom of Africa we have quite a few who come knocking on the door, friend and stranger; the latter usually asking for bread, food, money or work…usually in that order. If my wife answers they get something, if I do they don’t unless they ask for work first. Why do we waste so much time try to help these poor people when we are struggling ourselves trying  make ends meet and trying to see that our children get the best time of their lives while at growing through puberty, adolescence to adulthood and beyond…what?  

You think children just free-load until they’re 21 forget it…these children of mine can free-load until they’re ninety and I am 130…’cause how else do we learn to behave unless we listen to them and watch the way they do things. For eg. My son who is 48 years younger than  me showed me how to electroplate something and how to make a LED light up and how to work this laptop and how to work my mobile phone and how to behave when travelling by train and it’s fills up and how if you are strong and fit  you get up to let those perhaps weaker and frailer than you take your seat.  Yes, these children they teach me a lot…so…perhaps now I can begin to say what I really want to write:

 The other day a friend offered me a way to save money and make money simultaneously…through networking. After following his instructions and going to a few Thursday afternoon workshops I realized that what I do on stage is similar to what he wanted me to do only the product I was investing in could be applied over and over again to those people out there who bought into this referral scheme after me and thus I would start earning from it…Make any sense?

Well theatre and by theatre I mean performing a show night after night, week after week if that were feasible which in these economic times is not really, I do the same show over and over until everyone has seen it then I have to create a new show and do that until everyone has seen it and so on and so forth. As my audience starts believing that what I am doing for them is good enough for them they will come back for more and more.  Some of them even returning to see the same show, as one or two have done recently…how brilliant is that?   This is similar to this new venture.

Now to make both work. The other interesting thought is that both can work anywhere in the world and that if I play my cards carefully and thoughtfully this could mean filling my coffers in such a away that when I dream of that A180  Mercedes Benz which does 3.8 litres/100 kilometres and has enough torque to pull my boat and trailer to those lakes around the country or that I can afford to send my children on some fantastic overseas trip where they will not only learn about how the other half lives but will also have e a jolly good time doing so or that my wife and I can quietly slip away to the Okavango Delta on a makorra while both children remain at school I realize that these dreams are coming true.

And you call this blog?

Ah well, so be it…certainly is one way to sort it all out until you know where you are going so that you can start the journey, enjoying the steps you take so much that the goal is almost forgotten of course you will know your your destination when you reach it… Death? Yes. Birth? Yes; for the one follows from the other doesn’t it? Someone told me this afternoon at a Thursday workshop that people are being born all the time…just as people are dying all the time…and so life goes on and so my dream to uplift your life and mine is fulfilled…and so before i tell you more it’s time to close…

Enough now, let’s hold those thoughts until the next time we meet…,

Cheers. Have Fun!

Dee Gee Mee


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